Rwanda – Huye Mountain

David Rubanzangabo

Coffee beans from Rwanda

Coffee Beans Balck Coffee Blend


Brewing method: Filter and espresso
Character: Chocolate, raisins and vanilla
Varieties: Red bourbon, Heirloom and Mundo Novo
Processing methods: Natural and washed
Origins: Brazil, Rwanda and Ethiopia
Weight: 250g/500g/3000g

Transparency, sustainability and quality

Below you can read what we pay for the coffee.

(US Cent/lb)
(US Cent/lb)
Rwanda Natural 2019-09-11 99,96 359 259 %
Rwanda Washed 2019-09-11 99,96 359 259 %

David Rubanzangbo

David Rubanzangabo has worked with coffee in Rwanda since 1988 and is an educated agronomist. Since 2012 he runs Huye Mountain Coffee in southern Butare where he organizes 1500 small-scale local coffee farmers. With all his experience, David wants to share the knowledge of how to grow coffee in a sustainable way. The farming is entirely organic and the quality is continuously improved through education and microloans given to farmers to allow them to build irrigation systems and wash the coffee in several places. Once again farmers are encouraged and premiered for quality coffee through health insurances for their families. Huye Mountain Coffee produces extraordinary coffee in a way that harmonizes with our values as a roastery. In Rwanda, Balck Coffee see a nation providing a bright and equal future for its inhabitants and for its nature. We love coffee from Rwanda!

T Seth Aloys

Tuyisenge Aloys, otherwise known as Mister Coffee by the locals, is the face of Huye Mountain Coffee. With his passionate guides across the farm he preaches about the value of specialty coffee to curious visitors from all around the world. We have established a close relationship with Aloys and his family and keep in touch almost daily.

Challenges and quality

Rwanda has for many years been a role model for organic and pesticide free coffee production but not without significant challenges. “Potato defect” is a defect making single coffee beans smell and taste like raw potato. This is a significant problem as a single defect been can ruin the taste of large volumes of coffee. This problem is lessening, much thanks to the use of washed processing which allows for a more careful sorting than naturally processed coffee. Lately, however, Rwandan farmers have begun to produce more natural coffee and with greater success than previously with exciting flavors and tastes. David and Aloys has done a terrific job of collectivizing farmers in the area and create a strong sense of unity and purpose.

Projects and results

Clean water is and has long been hard currency in big parts of Africa, including Rwanda. Drinking water is seldom a problem anymore but the distances between the stations are too far and several more need to be built to ease everyday life for the families.
Balck Coffee has during the year of 2020 started projects for two water stations in close connection to Huye Mountain to ease this problem.