Coffee beans Espressobox 2 x 500g


Are you curious about tasting different espresso coffees? With the espresso box, you learn about how different espressos can taste, by experiencing 3 different profiles of espresso, from our dark roasted coffee Brazil Velo to the more light roasted Costa Rica Urena. The coffee is brewed in both manual and automatic espresso machines.

Coffee Beans Balck Coffee Blend


Brewing method: Filter and espresso
Character: Chocolate, raisins and vanilla
Varieties: Red bourbon, Heirloom and Mundo Novo
Processing methods: Natural and washed
Origins: Brazil, Rwanda and Ethiopia
Weight: 250g/500g/3000g

Coffee Beans Brazil Velo

Coffee Beans Brazil Velo


Brewing method: Espresso & filter
Character: Dark chocolate & caramel
Variety: Mundo Novo
Processing method: Natural
Weight: 250g/500g/3000g

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