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Ricardo Ureña

Coffee beans from Costa Rica

Coffee Beans Costa Rica Family Box


Now all 4 new coffees from Costa Rica are gathered in one family box. We know which one is our favorite, test which one will be yours.
The family box contains 4 x 250g coffee beans

Transparency, sustainability and quality

Below you can read what we pay for the coffee.

(US Cent/lb)
(US Cent/lb)
(inkl. premie)
Costa Rica Piedra Alta 2019-04-27 93,3 410 155 339 % 165 %
Costa Rica Las Torres 2020/04/20 109.76 360 155 228 % 132 %
Costa Rica Los Naranjos 2020-04-20 99,96 360 155 228 % 132 %
Costa Rica El Bambú 2020-04-20 99,96 360 155 228 % 132 %
Costa Rica El Desafío 2020-04-20 99,96 360 160 228 % 125 %

Ricardo Ureña

The Ureña family has produced coffee for over 30 years by the Mountain of Chirripó, the highest point in Costa Rica. From the day the first coffee tree was planted the family has lived to preserve nature. Ricardo’s father Régulo and mother Isabelle together have four sons and one daughter, all of which are involved in the family coffee production. Together, in 2006, they took the leap from unsustainable industrial production to sustainable high-quality production. The family borrowed money for a “micro mill” and their own export license, with the aim of connecting with their consumers and find long-term economic sustainability in their production. Today, Ricardo handles most customer contact and with great passion he helps surrounding small-scale farmers export their coffee without middlemen. Ricardo has dedicated his life to the family farm and specialty coffee.
From pretty much nowhere, in an otherwise anonymous coffee region, the family qualified with two coffees in the Costa Rica top 20, in 2019, despite enormous competition!

The farm is divided into distinct zones, each with different varieties and interesting processing methods, and this year we are working with several different zones. Right now, we are roasting their Yellow Catuaí from the Las Torres zone, a full-bodied and balanced coffee with clear notes of molasses and tangerine.

Key people

The whole Ureña family is of immense importance to the farm but one person that sticks out is Estéban, the youngest son who runs the farm most of all. He is always trailing around the extremely hilly landscapes together with the family dogs Munches and Maybies to care for coffee plants of all ages. Estéban is great example of the pride and honor in being a sustainable coffee farmer, today and for future generations.

Challenges and quality

Most Costa Rican coffee farmers only produce on small scale which brings many challenges. Acquiring their own export license and getting paid enough to develop their products, together with roasteries, is one of the challenges. Access to a micro mill is a must to be able to process the coffee from cherry to bean, otherwise they are forced to sell the coffee to middlemen with greater purchase power.

Communicating with potential customers is also important and Ricardo handles this through his good English and charming Costa Rican accent.
Thanks to the transition into specialty coffee in 2006 the family is now beginning to make decent money from their production and the challenges become more focused around perfecting and experimenting with their processing, but also finding loyal coffee purchasers.

Projects and results

When the coffee is picked, Ricardo experiments with several different and new ways of processing coffee from all around the world. This will to experiment together with the different varieties of coffee on the farm results in amazing tastes and great variations from the same zones. We have several different coffees from the Ureña family, such as El Bambú, which placed in the top 5 among all Costa Rican coffees of 2019.