Ever since I was a child, I have been the one in the classroom to ask why things were possible or why they were not. I grew up with strong core values of equality and a will to make a difference in the world. During my career as a professional cyclist I developed an interest in coffee, or rather everything surrounding coffee. Curiosity became knowledge in a very rotten industry and came with a dream of building a coffee roastery that works directly with the farmers without middlemen.

Today we are a proud team who work together every day with our core values and a vision of making the coffee business better and more sustainable. By working closely with every farmer and making their problems our own we accomplish things that the giants of the industry deem impossible. We invest in the future for coffee with full transparency and ask our customers to join us. I am not the founder of Balck Coffee, I am the one who had a dream that my colleagues believed in.


Louise Andersson is my name and I am 28 years old. My coffee journey began in a coffee shop that sold unsustainable coffee. In 2016 I started my own coffee shop, Balck Coffee Coffee Shop. I have been with the company since day one and every day I preach to people why they should choose specialty coffee to make the world just a little bit better. Today I am responsible for the graphic design at Balck Coffee and its marketing channels. I am in charge of the web page and my camera is always strapped around my neck on our journeys. The best cup of coffee is drunk at the coffee farm and in the future I would love to have my own farm in East Africa.


My name is Robin Karlsson. This year I turn 24. When I got the job at Balck Coffee I was already a seasoned coffee drinker, but I have since learned a lot about specialty coffee. I believe more people should choose specialty coffee due its superior quality over industrial coffee. My responsibilities at the roastery includes handling all the packaging and sending off to customers. While doing this I prefer drinking a cup of Gersi from Ethiopia, particularly in the morning. That’s when the coffee tastes the best!