Together we make a difference in the coffee world. Imagine if all the cups of coffee drunk in the world were brewed from sustainable coffee, then the coffee industry would look a little better than it does. Many coffee farmers find it difficult to cover their production costs because they do not get paid enough, nature is stressed to produce coffee quickly and cheaply. But… Choose to make a difference and drink good and sustainable coffee every day, every month. Find your box that you want to subscribe to. Filter, Espresso or Limited Selection box. If you want to make your own box, you can easily customize your box by choosing between our origins that you want.

Our subscription products

Subscription Coffee beans Espressobox 2 x 500g

41,00 / month

Are you curious about tasting different espresso coffees? With the espresso box, you learn about how different espressos can taste, by experiencing 3 different profiles of espresso, from our dark roasted coffee Brazil Velo to the more light roasted Costa Rica Urena. The coffee is brewed in both manual and automatic espresso machines.

Subscription Coffee beans Limited Selectionbox 2 x 250g

30,00 / month

Do you want to learn more about specialty coffee? Here we have collected our most unique origins and types of coffee. In the Limited Selection box you get to taste the two most exciting coffees we have right now. The coffee is lightly roasted, and is best suited for V60, Aeropress or a standard filter brewer such as MoccaMaster or Wilfa.

Limited Selectionbox contains 2 x 250g coffee beans from Mario Ferrari Lot 02 & Costa Rica El Desafio