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Balck Coffee is the official coffee partner to MINI Sweden.
CEO Anders Brocknäs states:

Working together with brands and people who share MINI’s values of life, creativity and sustainability is core to our communication in Northern Europe.
Through the new and unique retail concept MINI Senses, MINI has established a close relationship to Balck Coffee.
The Nordics are among the top consumers of coffee per capita and much of said coffee is produced under unsustainable and unfair conditions – something MINI wants to take a stance against. Hence, the collaboration with Balck Coffee is excellent brand synergy. Balck Coffee, as well as MINI, want to change the status quo in a sustainable and revolutionizing manner.

Feldts Bröd & Konfekt

Feldts Bröd & Konfekt i Halmstad, Cafe & Bageri »

My and Johan Feldt together run this charming bakery on the west coast of Sweden. It is difficult to find people who are more passionate about sustainability than Johan and My.


Slottsholmen »

Slottsholmen is a place where the small coastal city of Västervik connects with the world, and vice versa. It is a floating luxury hotel with 33 superior rooms, 10 suites and a restaurant that turns local products into world class food.
A marina in the middle of the city, viewing distance from the archipelago. The hotel is geothermally heated, solar panel driven and only uses water from their own desalination station. Slottsholmen truly strives to be a landmark of sustainability but, above all, it is work driven by love.


iOFFICE Business Center »

For over 10 years now, Homan has run two office hotels in central Stockholm. Together, the two office hotels host over 240 office spaces and Balck Coffee is served in all of their machines.


iOffice: We want to be even closer to the source, meaning the famers, and none of the big actors we previously bought coffee from has been able to ensure where the coffee comes from. People consume most of their coffee at work. Hence, we feel great responsibility to be able to offer coffee that measures up both in quality and taste. That is why we have chosen to work with Balck Coffee.

Mormors stenugnsbageri

Mormors stenugnsbageri »

In 2011, Anita Rotschild started Mormors Stenugnsbageri. She wanted to contribute to society and got hold of a small fishing shed that, over time, turned into the popular bakery and coffee shop it is today. It is truly a meeting spot at the heart of the harbor in Stora Rör on Öland. Together with Mormor’s tasty buns and a magical view across the strait you can enjoy a cup of coffee from Balck Coffee.


Triberg »

”With sustainability at the centre here at Triberg Café, we strive to only work with quality products which have been treated with care and respect. A responsible actor such as Balck Coffee was therefore an obvious choice for us” – Carl Triberg