How do you brew your coffee in the best way?

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How do you brew coffee?
Brewing coffee isn’t difficult if you know what it’s about!
The equipment can be very simple and does not have to be costly.
As important as a brewer may be, a grinder and a scale is of equal importance, to maintain the coffee’s aroma and keep the right ratios. We promise that you will not regret such an investment.
In our brewing guides we take you through how to brew great coffee in different ways.
Below we also take time to answer some of the most recurring questions!

How to brew coffee manually?
Also known as hand brewing, Melitta filter, V60, drip coffee or pour over etc.
All of these methods are outlined HERE.

How to brew coffee in a Mocca Master?
Check out our brewing guide HERE.

How to brew coffee in a French press or coffee press?
Grind the coffee as coarse as semolina.
Measure up 6-7g of coffee per deciliter of water.
Mix coffee and water (92-96 degrees C) and put the lid on.
Push the handle down after 4-5 minutes – enjoy!

How do you dose filter coffee?
Dosing of filter coffee is generally good around 6g of coffee per 100ml water, or a 1:16 ratio of coffee to water. Buy a priceworthy scale from us HERE.

What temperature should you brew coffee with?
It depends a bit on the brewing method, but generally you want your water to keep 92—96 degrees C. This is easily achieved through a water boiler or a pot on a stove.

How many grams of coffee is in a coffee spoon?
This depends on a variety of factors, such as variety of coffee, roast date, degree of roast, grinding and much more. Buy a priceworthy scale from us HERE.

Do you sell coffee pods?
No, we don’t. This is due to the poor quality and unsustainability which pods unfortunately come with. Pre-ground coffee in unsustainable pods does not taste well in our mouths.

How to make cold brew?
Easy! Grind 70g of coffee (as coarse as semolina) and mix with 1 liter of cold water, then place it in the fridge. A regular bottle will work fine. Let sit for 12-24h in the fridge and then filter the coffee through a filter or fine cloth. Serve as it is or with ice. We think the best cold brew is made from light roasted African coffee.

How do you store coffee?
Oxygen free and dark! The bags you buy our coffee in are perfect for storage. Do NOT put your coffee in the fridge or freezer! This will expose it to moisture and the coffee will turn bad.

What is the durability of coffee?
From the roasting date coffee generally reaches its peak after 7-14 days, but severely begins to lose its taste after about 3 months. Hence, it is important to know then the coffee is roasted. Whole beans have significantly better durability compared to ground coffee, which begins to lose its flavour the second you grind it.