Brazil Velo – Fazenda da Serra

Mário Ferrari

Coffee beans from Brazil

Coffee Beans Brazil Velo

Coffee Beans Brazil Velo


Brewing method: Espresso & filter
Character: Dark chocolate & caramel
Variety: Mundo Novo
Processing method: Natural
Weight: 250g/500g/3000g

Coffee Beans Balck Coffee Blend


Brewing method: Filter and espresso
Character: Chocolate, raisins and vanilla
Varieties: Red bourbon, Heirloom and Mundo Novo
Processing methods: Natural and washed
Origins: Brazil, Rwanda and Ethiopia
Weight: 250g/500g/3000g

Transparency, sustainability and quality

Below you can read what we pay for the coffee.

ORIGIN Contract sign share price
(US Cent/lb)
(US Cent/lb)
Stock market
Brazil Velo 2019-10-09 96,18 190 98 %

Sustainable Coffee from Brazil Mário Ferrari

Today Mário Ferrari and his son Alberto are the second generation of coffee farmers, growing specialty coffee at the farm Fazenda da Serra.

Brazil is a country affected severely by industrial coffee production, so Mário and Albert stand out by actively choosing to only grow specialty coffee without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The coffee they produce is grown on volcanic soil high up on hillsides, making it difficult to pick all the coffee cherries. In Brazil, this is normally done by machines so once again Mário and Alberto stand out as they pick all coffee by hand. This gives a better sorted quality and thanks to the fertile volcanic soil, slopes and parts of the rain forest acting as shadow trees they can produce a unique coffee. It is powerful, sweet and creamy with a low acidity perfect for both espresso and a darker filter brew.