We are a coffee roastery who stands for transparency, quality and sustainability. Together we make a difference. See our movie about our work for a better coffee world.

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Coffee Beans Brazil Velo

Coffee Beans Brazil Velo


Brewing method: Espresso & filter
Character: Dark chocolate & caramel
Variety: Mundo Novo
Processing method: Natural
Weight: 250g/500g/3000g

Balck Coffee roasts and sells coffee and coffee beans to companies and individuals. We are a sustainable coffee roastery that works with specialty coffee through transparency and quality.

Transparency, What is transparency and why is it so important?

More than 90% of the world’s coffee is traded as a commodity on the stock market, where it is the second largest commodity after oil. The price of raw coffee is often so low that farmers are forced to produce as much as possible, to as low of a cost as possible, resulting in poor quality and unsustainable practices.
Coffee is particularly known for having unnecessary middlemen where the journey from plant to cup becomes untraceable. Instead it is marketed in other ways than actually informing the consumer about where it came from or who produced it. Another issue is that it is generally unknown how much the farmer is paid for the coffee and that marketing instead uses certificates which have been strongly advertised. Trends of sustainability eventually reach the larger industries, but the full stories are never told. Why would you not want to disclose who produced the coffee or how much they were paid for it?

Below we present in numbers what we pay our farmers and how this measures up with what many are familiar with, Fairtrade.

We cannot see a more sustainable way of doing it than disclosing said payments together with origin, producer and quality, which are otherwise easily accessible. Payments, however, are the responsibility of the consumer.

(US Cent/lb)
(US Cent/lb)
Rwanda Natural 2019-09-11 99,96 359 259 %
Rwanda Washed 2019-09-11 99,96 359 259 %
Etiopien Gersi 2019-04-10 96,3 320 232 %
Costa Rica Piedra Alta 2019-04-10 93,3 410 339 %
Brasilien Velo 2019-10-09 96,18 190 98 %
Costa Rica Las Torres 2020-04-20 109.76 360 228 %
Costa Rica Los Naranjos 2020-04-20 109.76 360 228 %
Costa Rica El Bambú 2020-04-20 109.76 360 228 %
Costa Rica El Desafío 2020-04-20 109.76 360 228 %

Sustainability through transparency and quality – see our film here

We as a company believe in and work daily together with the farmers from whom we buy coffee. We want to show that the unnecessary middlemen profiting from the farmers’ labor need not exist. For a producer, working directly with roasteries provides new dimensions and possibilities for the future, together with the ability to develop a superior product. In many cases we have aided farmers in receiving their own export licenses, allowing them export to and get paid directly from the roasteries.

Quality – Why is quality and why is it so important?

The majority of the world’s coffee farmers are unable to cover their production costs due to the low stock market price, forcing them to grow quantity over quality and often spray their crops with toxins and synthetic fertilizers.
The coffee cherries are then generally picked a few times over 2-4 months, regardless of whether they are ripe or not as this does not affect the price. This is often done by stripping machines and no consideration is taken of whether the cherries are underripe, overripe, rotten or infested, on the ground or on the trees. The result is a low-quality defect coffee, which is sold to the industrial roasteries and roasted so dark that it masks the defects and leaves a burnt and bitter taste.


Balck Coffee believes in letting nature do the work, letting it take its time and grow the quality it is capable of. The farmers’ role is to provide the best conditions and hand-pick the ripe cherries 8-12 times per harvest, to ensure that all berries are picked at their peak or used as compost otherwise.
After picking the cherries are sorted to remove remaining defects and ensure a high-quality coffee before it is processed into the final export product.
The quality of all coffee is graded and standardized by taste judges called Quality Graders where the coffee is scored 0-100. Coffee scored above 80 is called specialty coffee and below 80 is commercial coffee. We are proud to only buy coffee that is sustainable to farmers and nature, from 84 and up.

90-100 Outstanding Specialty coffee
85-89.99 Excellent Specialty coffee
80-84.99 Very good Specialty coffee
>80 Below specialty Not specialty coffee
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Sustainable coffee, sustainability and responsibility for the future

What is sustainability and why is it so important?

We sometimes hear that coffee cannot be sustainably produced and that there is not enough specialty coffee to sustain the global demand. In reality there is a lack of responsible actors buying from the farmers. Nature grows quality and farmers want to cultivate quality, what is missing is responsible actors willing to pay for quality. The mission is to inform the consumer of why coffee must cost more and what this achieves. Inform them of why a long supply chain with a cheap product always leaves someone not getting paid – the farmer

Some of the biggest challenges coffee farmers are facing are:

  • The economy making sustainable and quality production difficult due to low incomes.
  • The flora is difficult to maintain when the farmers are forced to grow coffee unsustainably. Global warming is also forcing farmers to grow coffee at even higher altitudes.
  • The next generation of coffee farmers cannot see a future in coffee farming when they are unable to sustain their own family.

Balck Coffee as a company believes in dynamic development together with the different coffee farmers and collectives we work with. We believe the value of our products and our work is higher than the price.

Balck Coffee works with the sustainable development goals »



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